The Perfect Tenting Venue

An extraordinary event begins with an ideal setting. Tenting offers definite advantages. There isn’t a predetermined color scheme. Sight-blocking obstructions, such as columns or chandeliers, aren’t an issue. Low ceilings don’t prohibit creative genius. With tenting you start with a clean palette—yours to design at your own discretion without pre-existing obstacles. If you’re worried about sloping ground or unpredictable weather, don’t be. We can easily overcome these challenges offering a number of solutions according to the situation. When you rent through Standard Party Rentals you get an expert staff that can assist you with:

  • Permitting
  • Ground plans
  • Fire safety package
  • Heating
  • Doors & slider walls
  • Clear, white & window walls
  • Ceiling treatments
  • Pole draping
  • Subflooring & carpeting

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